Home HVAC Hacks

Getting your system to run more efficiently

If the cost of your energy bill is throwing you for a loop, there are clever HVAC tips to employ which’ll lighten the load. These tips are geared towards increasing your system’s efficiency, thus cutting down your utility bill. Use them and save!

Air Filter – You may not need to replace it once a month, just inspect it once a month. When you can barely see through it, it’s time to get a new filter. Normal lifespan of a filter is 60-90 days.

• Ducts and Registers – Take a glance at these routinely. When you notice a buildup of dust or debris, go at it with a vacuum. Doing so helps air to flow through more efficiently, which saves money down the line.

Upgrade – Don’t let the price fool you. This is one of the best investments you can make. There are plenty of energy efficient models out on the market that are intended to lower your bill.

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